Book Reactions

As you read Stargirl, post your reactions or what you annotated here. Please be specific! (Example: Instead of writing "I liked it," write "I liked ______ because _____.")


  1. I disliked all the off topic details in the book because, it confuses me while the book is on topic. For exanple, when the book was talking about the hot seat a lot, then it went to one of Leo's and Kevin's class and then Kevin was holding Stargirl's pet rat.

  2. I liked this book because Star girl was unique, true to herself, believed in what she did and did not heed to other's taunts. People around her made fun of her name 'Star girl' and her rat (Cinnamon) as no one brings a rat to school. Star girl liked to make others joyful by singing 'Happy birthday'. She prepared very hard for the speech context so that she could win and that way everyone in the school would like her.

    - Adhithi Arun

  3. I liked Stargirl because she was always selfless and appreciated everything around her.
    Stargirl was very fair. She would never give-up Stargirl would cheer for the other team in basketball games so everything would be fair. Even if it wasn't a basketball game she would still cheer for anything, like if you picked up litter that wasn't your's she would pop-up and cheer. I also liked how Leo was willing to understand Stargirl.


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